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Quick notice: if you find a bug, go to our Discord and go to the channel called Bug Reports. Post a screenshot and information about the bug(like how to replicate and what the bug does).
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Skyblock - Season 2 30th October 2020 It's time. Skyblock's second season is releasing today! We have been testing and working on features for quite a while now. Here are the new features! - Added the new map for skyblock! - Implemented pets! + Pet GUI is being worked on (in sections for seasonal special and normal pets) (NOTICE: Disabled for the time being). - Implemented class system with a class changer item. Classes give you varying effects which are dependant on class. More information when prompted to pick a class. Classes appear next to a players name on the tablist. - Added boss fights. The boss spawns every 60 minutes in the PvP area. - Added player vaults . - Implemented money pouches. - Implemented vouchers. - Redone crate rewards. - Reworked envoy system. - Fixed anti-cheat false banning when on crates. Skyblock releases in 1 hour!
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So it has been a few months. So before we start with the latest edition of Staff Changes, I'd like to remind you that Skyblock is releasing on the 30th of October (less than 2 days from now).But anyway, let's start. ArcadeHub Staff Changes - 28th October 2020 -TriDimensionalSkyTriDimensionalSky is now a Training Assistant -ILOVEDCDBILOVEDCDB is now a Sr.Moderator! They focus in recruitment. -TheTaiji TheTaiji is now also a Sr.Moderator! They focus in recruitment as well. -BeepBoopIsGuilty, PvPGod8989, Roadmaster34, DolphinSweat, Spikel2 and boby2014YTThese 6 members are all helpers!Congratulations to all of those who were promoted or gained a place in the staff team!
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Hey I think this suggestion is good! I'll forward it to other staff.
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congrats! uwu
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