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What's that noobamon?! YOU found a wild DCDBad! DCDBad's Data has been added to the noobedex!
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dee sea d be
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The legend himself
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Very nice gif
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Heya! As some of you may know we released Skyblock just under 3 months ago, while our release went fairly well and the server was up and running there were some obvious issues which we ran into such as the overwhelming amount of bugs. We are working on redoing skyblock with a new core and fixing all bugs, but we would like some feedback on what you would like to see for the third skyblock season, all ideas, features are welcome and we would be very grateful for your feedback. 
2 months ago

Hi all!  Just here to give a few updates on our new Skyblock season which will be released shortly. We currently do not have a date, but there are a lot of new features which we will be releasing with the new map; - New pets (Seasonal)  - New updated map - Class system  - Boss fights - Warzone  - Updated game mechanics  - New events with rewards   We are looking forward to the release and hope you are as well. Here is the start of our trailer for our new release!
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