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ArcadeHub - Staff Changes - Late October 2020
Started by Eclipse_2005

So it has been a few months. So before we start with the latest edition of Staff Changes, I'd like to remind you that Skyblock is releasing on the 30th of October (less than 2 days from now).
But anyway, let's start.

ArcadeHub Staff Changes - 28th October 2020

TriDimensionalSky is now a Training Assistant

ILOVEDCDB is now a Sr.Moderator! They focus in recruitment.


TheTaiji is now also a Sr.Moderator! They focus in recruitment as well.

-BeepBoopIsGuilty, PvPGod8989, Roadmaster34, DolphinSweat, Spikel2 and boby2014YT
These 6 members are all helpers!

Congratulations to all of those who were promoted or gained a place in the staff team!

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Congrats all!!

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Congrats, and welcome to the staff team! :D

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Congratulations everyone!

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