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Event Team Applications
Started by xWand

Event Team Applications - OPEN

My name is xWand and I am the current Event Admin and Event Application lead. I am here to announce the new community team we have created, which all users can join. This new team is called the Events Team. Here is some background info:

What ET (Event Team) does:

- Help host and plan in-game events (Modified/Normal Games)

- Help host and plan discord events (Kahoot, Karaoke, Counting, etc)

- Host and plan miscallenoius events (Art, Gaming, etc)


We expect quite a few things from an Event Team member, such as being mature, responsible, and things as such. You'll be working alongside the Event Management team, who will be mentoring/monitoring your overall activity, performance, and more. When accepted into the team, more information will be given appropriately.


Think you're up for the challenge? Apply at this link


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