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Eclipse_2005 Eclipse_20055 months ago
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Skyblock - Season 2

30th October 2020

It's time. Skyblock's second season is releasing today! We have been testing and working on features for quite a while now.

Here are the new features!

- Added the new map for skyblock!

- Implemented pets! + Pet GUI is being worked on (in sections for seasonal special and normal pets) (NOTICE: Disabled for the time being).

- Implemented class system with a class changer item. Classes give you varying effects which are dependa...

Eclipse_2005 Eclipse_20056 months ago
148 5

So it has been a few months. So before we start with the latest edition of Staff Changes, I'd like to remind you that Skyblock is releasing on the 30th of October (less than 2 days from now).
But anyway, let's start.

ArcadeHub Staff Changes - 28th October 2020

TriDimensionalSky is now a Training Assistant

ILOVEDCDB is now a Sr.Moderator! They focus in recruitment.

DCDB DCDB6 months ago
162 3

Hi all! 

Just here to give a few updates on our new Skyblock season which will be released shortly.

We currently do not have a date, but there are a lot of new features which we will be releasing with the new map;

- New pets (Seasonal) 

- New updated map

- Class system 

- Boss fights

- Warzone 

- Updated game mechanics 

- New events with rewards


We are looking forward to the release and hope you are as well. Here is the start of our trailer for our new release!

xWand xWand8 months ago
190 1

Event Team Applications - OPEN

My name is xWand and I am the current Event Admin and Event Application lead. I am here to announce the new community team we have created, which all users can join. This new team is called the Events Team. Here is some background info:

What ET (Event Team) does:

- Help host and plan in-game events (Modified/Normal Games)

- Help host and plan discord events (Kahoot, Karaoke, Counting, etc)

- Host and plan miscallenoius events (Art, Gaming, etc)


<p... />
Eclipse_2005 Eclipse_20058 months ago
233 8

Staff  Changes, 9th of August 2020

It's that time again. Today we will be going over promotions and new staff members so lets start right away!


Sizzle has become a helper!


Expernite has also become a helper!